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Live in the Kansas City Area and need a travel agency? If you are an airline employee, spouse, retiree or parent of an employee you should check out InterlineTravel.com for airline employee travel discounts. If you are active military, retired military or a military veteran then contact MilitaryVacationTravel.com for military travel discounts.

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You can sign up and receive the Airline or Military Discounts via email at either InterlineTravel.com or MilitaryVacationTravel.com It's free but you do have to sign up in the member's area. To get access to that area on either site you will need to send in a copy of your ID, or some proof of eligibility. Complete details can be found on either website.



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Cruise Discounts from Kansas City

Red Hat Society Travel Trips!

Are you a woman over 50 and a member of the Red Hat Society? Then contact the Travelling Red Hats! Fun trips around the world and the USA! Not a member of the Red Hats?

Airline Employee Travel Discounts

Airline Employee Discounts - 800 766-2911

Interline Travel also offers the airline employee travel discounts with all major cruise lines, several hundred resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America and several tour operators. Most of these discounts are open to employees, spouses, retirees of the airlines and parents of airline employees. You can reach Interline Travel at 800 766-2911 or online at InterlineTravel.com. They do not charge booking fees!

Military Cruise Discounts

Military Discounts - 800 766-2911

If you are active military, retired military or a military veteran then contact MilitaryVacationTravel.com at 800 766-2911. The offer military discounts on all of the major cruise lines, several tour operators and lots of resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. The website MilitaryVacationTravel.com is where you should go to check out those deals or call our office at 800 766-2911. They do not charge any booking fees!

Land Vacation Deals

MCE Cruises - Real Estate MCE CLasses at Sea

If you are a real estate agent or broker then check www.MCECruise.com. They offer cruises which are completely tax deductable, give you your MCE training at sea and offer exclusive real estate industry shore excursions at most of the ports of call!

Cruise and Vacation Discounts from Kansas City

Dynamic Travel & Cruises offers cruise and vacation discounts from Kansas City. Their volume buying power gives them access to deals most agencies in the Kansas City area will not have. You can reach them at 800 766-2911 and they are open 7 days a week!

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